Celebrating One Year of Media 2070’s Fight for Reparations

Celebrating One Year of Media 2070’s Fight for Reparations

October 6, 2021 — Venneikia Williams

Media 2070 turns one

our souls are woven
in stories past to future:
may there be healing.

— Media 2070 co-founder Alicia Bell

Free Press’ Media 2070 team is celebrating a full year since our essay first called for media reparations for the Black community. This call is a continuation of our legacy of radical resistance.

We know that a liberated future for all is not possible without Black liberation. Since our launch in October 2020, we’ve built a consortium, a community of organizers and organizations that are committed to the complete and total repair and thriving of Black and Brown communities.

People power is what has made the past year possible. From our collective dreaming to our challenging of harmful, antiquated institutions, our strategic partnerships and organized actions have produced the wins we now have and those to come.

Read below to see some of the victories from the past year. Notice all of the collective strides to make media reparations real.

Media 2070 milestones:

Again, we acknowledge and honor the forerunners and our contemporaries who make all of this possible. There is so much more to come. Stay tuned.

If sharing and caring for Black stories and lives stirs something in you, let’s scheme together

may there be no more
journalism written with
the blood of Black lives.

— Alicia Bell